Rock Tape & Kinesio Tape

Rock Tape is a therapeutic kinesiology tape that aids normal movement of muscles and joints. It is used with chiropractic adjustments and other soft tissue treatments.These tapes are applied to provide support either structurally or functionally. The tape has an elastic stretch to it, which allows correct movement while impeding adverse movement. Rock Tape, when applied to the skin, causes nerve interferance that lessens painful nerve signals. When applied properly, the application of tape helps change how the body interprets pain signals.


At Chiromovement we use RockTape to decompress an area of swelling or inflammation.The tape lifts the skin and depresses the swelling or inflammation. This improves circulation and helps “flush” the area of by-products causing the inflammation/injury. RockTape can also be applied to improve the stability to areas with “loose” or stretched ligiments. It provides support while retaining mobility

Conditions we commonly treat using Rock Tape are: Shoulder Impingement, Low Back Pain, Elbow pain, Knee Pain, Ankle Sprains, Bruises, Upper Cross Syndrome.

RockTape is usually effective for multiple days and can be worn in the shower. We carry an array of colors & patterns to choose from.

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