What We’re All About

Our goal is to improve each person’s ability to move well in work and in play.


Dr. Steven Bird

I am a Utah native, born and raised. I grew up most of my childhood in Sandy, UT. I graduated from Brighton High School, did the usual work full-time and school part time. I served a mission for 2 years in South Dakota. After returning and meeting a wonderful woman that pushed me into looking into chiropractic as a profession, I decided to see what it was a about. It wasn’t until I was in the chiropractic program at Cleveland University Kansas City that I found how passionate I am at helping people with pain and moving better. All during school I knew I would be coming back to Utah to be close to family and build a practice in Utah.

During school I was privileged to be a club representative for the Motion Palpation Institute, which is an internationally known education system. This is what really sparked what was to come. It lead me to seek more knowledge, seminars outside of the normal chiropractic curriculum. The list below of certifications and knowledge was where I spent many weekends during school. They all of shaped me into the chiropractor I am today.

I love the outdoor sports that Utah has always offered. I enjoy golf and fishing, weight lifting staying healthy. Utah has so much to offer.

When you are in my clinic you have my attention 100%.  Meaning that we are working together on building a plan for you. Whether it is manual therapy, rehabilitation from injury, or improved biomechanics we are proud to offer all of that under one location in West Jordan, Utah.

Credentials & Certifications

Doctor of Chiropractic from Cleveland University Kansas City
Bachelors of Exercise Science from University of Utah
NBCE – National Board Certified Examiner Part I-IV and Physical Therapy
MPI – Motion Palpation Institute Referral List Certified
FRCms – Functional Range Conditioning                                                  SFMA – Selective Functional Movement Assessment Certified
McKenzie Method Part A, B, and C MDT – Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy for Lumbar, Thoracic, and Cervical Spine
FST – Functional Soft Tissue
FTMI – Functional Taping for Musculoskeletal Injuries
FMT – Functional Movement Taping Certified through RockTape
DNS – Dynamic Neuromuscular Stabilization trained
Dry Needling Certified

I am passionate about health and wellness, especially when it comes to movement and strength training. My personal health journey started in 2012, in which I had many successes and also many pitfalls. My pitfalls have been my greatest blessing. After injuries, ridiculous diet regimes, and poor training methods, I decided to get a formal education in the hows and whys of fitness and health in order to avoid more pitfalls.

My health career originally started with working in an internal medicine clinic. However, I found that I was deeply saddened by the fact that our health industry erred towards masking problems, rather than fixing the route of the problem. That is when I decided to shift my focus and become a health coach. I am passionate about helping guide individuals towards a more freeing and healthy lifestyle.

My personal hobbies include Strongman, hiking, spending time outdoors, yoga, watching a good sitcom, cleaning (I know, how bizarre), and spending time with my family.

Credentials & Certifications

Bachelor’s in Health, Science, and Risk Communication

Nutrition Minor

NASM Certified Personal Training

FMS – Functional Movement System

CFSC Certified Functional Strength & Conditioning

FRCms Functional Range Control Mobility Specialist


Nicole Crofts