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Blood Flow Restriction Therapy

What in the world is Blood Flow Restriction therapy? Blood flow Restriction therapy uses either an elastic band or pneumatic cuff to restrict blood flow of a muscle group or limb while during exercise. The purpose of the cuff or band is to block or occlude arterial or...

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Exercising the Knee? by Nicole Crofts

Yes, strengthening all the muscles, ligaments, and tendons surrounding the knee that keep it a healthy functioning joint. Plus movement of the joint brings the benefits of synovial fluid, and appropriate impact teaches the body to absorb force. Exercise (with the...

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Thoughts From A Doc

When I started out in practice i felt like i knew a lot of things. I was eager to treat people. I was eager to see people feel better and perform at their best. Opening up inside of a gym has been an outstanding way to go. I met people that have helped me understand...

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