Services and Modalities

Chiropractic adjustments and joint mobilizations are just one of the many services we provide. Active Release, Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Manipulation, Kinesiotape, Dry Needling, and Rehabilitation are other therapies we utilize.

Joint Manipulation

A Chiropractic adjustment or manipulation, is therapeutic treatment intended to induce motion into a joint and restore its proper function. This can be for any joint in the body not just specific to the spine. It is seen as the hallmark of chiropractic medicine. While the sound, or “pop” from an adjustment is most often accompanied together, it is not mandatory to gain the healing effects from a manipulation.


Corrective Exercises are used to strengthen certain muscle groups and to correct muscle imbalances. This helps get to the root of the problem and aim to prevent the re-occurrence of pain. We treat the body as a whole, our approach to physical therapy exercises is no different. We aim to increase your bodies resiliency. 

Dry Needling

Dry needling is NOT acupuncture, but carries an immense effect in the treatment of pain associated with tight/tender muscles, knots, and trigger points. Dry needling can help anything from headaches to plantar fasciitis and can increase range of motion and decrease pain in almost any area.

Active Release Technique (ART)

Your movement health is of the utmost importance to feeling your best. Considered the gold standard of soft tissue therapy, ART is a manual therapy designed to effectively treat injured and tight muscles, ligaments, tendons, fascia, and nerves. As one of the most sought after soft tissue therapies, its effectiveness to decrease pain and increase range of motion adds significant value to treating and preventing injuries.

Voodoo Flossing

Flossing bands are a rubber material used to wrap around either joints or muscles. At ChiroMovement, we take heavy “flossing” bands and wrap them on affected locations to provide additional stability and support to strained or sore areas. We then mobilize the area to provide benefits such as increased range of motion and improved circulitory response. If you have never been “flossed” we highly recommend you try it out.

Soft Tissue Manipulation

At ChiroMovement Muscle & Joint Clinic your care is our number one priority. The use of instruments in the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions is one of the ways you may be treated. By applying them to a region of the body, it adds a stimulus to the nerves of the area. The desired affect is to down-regulate a pain signal, increase blood flow to an area and improve muscular function.

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