Internal Strength Model Training: the training you aren’t doing.

The typical bodybuilder will train muscle groups (ie back, chest, arms, etc). Powerlifting will train movement patterns (ie squat, bench, deadlift).  Crossfitters train endurance & strength.  Regardless of what style of training you partake in, they all have one thing in common…They train your red tissue, but most stop there.  

Without getting deep into the biology of your soft tissue – we have different types of tissue, and they ALL require training to improve strength, maintain joint longevity, and reduce the chance of injury. 

In continuation of keeping it simple, you have two types of soft tissue fiber: slow-twitch and fast-twitch muscle fibers, which can also be separated between structural tissue and contractile tissue. We seldom train the different types of tissue optimally (or at all), specifically our slow-twitch fibers. Training ALL the fibers types helps the tissue be better prepared to absorb, produce, and react to forces. Internal Strength Model (ISM) Training is an evidence based approach to exercise programming that uses strategic untraditional exercises to strengthen your different tissue fibers.

Furthermore, each joint in your body has its individual range-of-motion (ROM) we should be able to move through. Many of us through injury, underuse or overuse get restrictions in our joints which minimizes our ROM. ISM uses end-ROM strength training to create more space with your joint and strengthen the joint itself. 

Strengthening your end-ROM slowly builds your joints capacity for more mobility and more strength over time. When joint training is paired with training that attacks your different types of tissue fiber at varying angles you get a trifecta of strength, mobility, and resilience.  

Internal Strength Model Training is not supposed to replace your current training, but is complimentary to your current training (or lack of) to make you a better athlete or day-to-day person. 

We live in a world where soft tissue injuries are prevalent between strains, sprains, tears, tendonitis, overuse injuries, compensatory movement and more. ISM training is meant to mitigate these injuries by training your muscles, but moreso train your tendons, ligaments, and myofascial…because most of us don’t know how to use exercises to target this type of tissue.  

Be prepared to experience training in a whole new way with ISM training. Within our own clinic we have seen it work magic during the rehabilitation process and within strength training. This is a one-of-kind new age training to keep you feeling your best. 

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