According to Statista, the top 3 New Year’s Resolutions of 2022 deal with exercise, eat healthier and to lose weight. 

Perhaps the numbers aren’t really that surprising. Doing a little of my own research, I found this to be an accurate representation. 

Interestingly though, with the exception of living more economically, 7 of the 8 top resolutions deal with some aspect of health!

Let’s face it, we live in a world that makes it hard to stay healthy. Junk food is really convenient. We are expected to put every effort possible into work often at the cost of stress levels. Cell phones make in person communication unnecessary. And social media praises the seemingly unattainable goals for the average person. 

Whether you are ready to work on your eating habits, exercise, stress, relationships or mental health all these things can improve when your diet. For more on how all of these things relate, make sure you visit our Registered Dietitian and Functional Nutritionist. 

But changing how we eat can be complicated and hard, especially when you aren’t sure where to start. 

Here are 5 Reachable Healthy Goals for you to make this coming year!

1) Make eating at home a priority

Making and eating at home might seem like a lost art. But of all the changes that you could make, this might be one of the most beneficial. 


Well not only does eating at home allow you to control what is in your meal (more vegetables, less meat, the right fats, etc.) but it allows for that relationship building that we all desperately want and need. 

Many studies have shown that families that eat meals together have much lower rates of obesity, depression, drug use, emotional reliance and better grades (or better work performance). 

Not a great cook? Start here.

First, change your identity to that of someone that cooks (A Better Way to Make New Year’s Resolutions for Your Health – See Blog)

Second, find recipes that you want to try. There are many great sites and blogs that walk you through exactly how to put a meal together. Need extra help? Use the 21 Day Jumpstart program to get you started and teach you how to put a whole meal together! 

Third, don’t get overwhelmed but start with at least one meal each week that you make at home and slowly add more when you’re ready. 

Fourth, as tempting as it is to make a prepackaged meal at home, shoot for something you make from scratch or mostly from scratch. 

Fifth, be honest on the time it takes you to put a meal together. One of the biggest deterrents for someone cooking at home is the time it takes. If you are short on time, plan a simple meal. If you know you’re busy at night, utilize an instant pot or crock pot. Does it take you forever to cut something up? Have a prep day where you can prepare all your meat and vegetables in advance. 

2) Menu plan

This is one of the most underutilized tools in your tool box. The old proverb rings true, “when you are prepared, you shall not fear!”

The dreaded question heard nearly every night is “what’s for dinner?” Looking through your pantry, fridge and freezer and putting a meal together can be overwhelming and frustrating when you are not a confident cook. 

When you have a menu plan in place, a shopping list created from the menu plan and a thoughtful plan for your week, the “what’s for dinner” question can be an easy answer. 

Not to mention your stress levels can decrease because you know what you are going to make and that you have all the ingredients to make it happen. 

When you menu plan – start with your vegetable or two, add a protein and if needed, finish up with a carb (grain, legume, starchy vegetable, etc.). 

If you need help learning how to menu plan, schedule an appointment with our dietitian. 

3) Try a new recipe

We all get into very comfortable habits. Especially in the foods we eat. 

Varying your routine and trying something new (especially if it has more than 2 vegetables and is anti-inflammatory), is a great way to make changes in your health. 

If you always do the same things, nothing is going to change! 

Start with one recipe a week that you try! You will have some wins and some complete fails. It’s all part of the journey! But at least you will be developing your cooking skills. 

Find recipes in cookbooks, on pinterest, All Recipes, blogs and many others online. 

If I had to put out a recommendation about what to look for in a recipe here is where I would start.

First, does it contain a vegetable or is there an easy vegetable side dish to put with it? 

Second, does it have vegetables that are found in season? 

Third, is it mostly from scratch? 

Fourth, is it anti-inflammatory? Recipes that are labeled Paleo, Whole 30 or Mediterranean are usually safe bets. 

4) Prioritize gut health and your microbiome

Gut health, leaky gut, gut-brain connection and the microbiome are all buzzwords right now. And for good reason!!

Your digestive system (gut) is the only way that nutrients can get into your body. It plays an active role in your immune system and is vital in its connection to your mental health. 

Hippocrates gave the best summary of any doctor when he acknowledged,

“All disease begins in the gut.”

Ann Wigmore summed up the power of food and the microbiome when she said,

“The food we eat is either the safest and most effective form of medicine or the slowest form of poison.”

When you make the choice to NOURISH your gut health and in turn your body, you will finally achieve the health you have always wanted. 

5) Join the Women’s Reset Intensive

Making changes in the foods you eat  can be overwhelming, hard and confusing. Throw in any exercise goals you might have and it’s no wonder that most New Year’s Resolutions don’t even make it through the month of January. 

The Women’s Reset Intensive is designed to empower you to reach those health goals. 

Feel better in just 6 weeks with:

  • A supported, group approach to reclaiming your health!
  • A personal food plan and meeting with Brittny, our Functional Nutrition Dietitian. 
  • Weekly nutrition education ranging from menu planning, gut health and hormone balancing offered online.
  • 2x in-person group workouts!
  • Before and after measurements
  • A Women’s Reset Intensive journal to help you manage stress, find gratitude and keep you on track! 

Don’t let this amazing opportunity pass you up! Rock those New Year’s Resolutions and finally find the health you have been seeking.

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