What is Functional Training

Functional training is a mode of strength training paired with corrective movements.  Functional training is more than increasing tone and muscle aesthetics, it is relearning movements to improve quality of life. We believe that normal daily movements are meant to be done without fear of injury or pain. Using strength training to provide a stronger base, we find that you are less likely to be reinjured or acquire new injuries. It is proven that those that incorporate strength training and chiropractic care improve quicker and become more resilient. Your goal is being your best. Our goal follows right along with that. Age gracefully, move well and enjoy life.

One-on-One Personal Training

One-on-One is just that one-on-one and personal.  The work outs are tailored to you – your individual strengths/weaknesses and to your specific fitness goals.  If you are looking for individualized programming to feel better, get fit, increase athletic performance, learn the roots of weight lifting, move better or strength train…one-on-one personal training will offer just that on a highly personalized level from our knowledgeable trainer. 

Buddy Pass

The Buddy Pass is personal training for two. This is perfect for couples, family members, or friends that want to work out together. This deal is the most bang for your buck. It offers the close watchful eye and education of one-on-one training for just $45 per person. 

Strong and Mobile

This isn’t your run of the mill stretch class. This is mobility training! It isn’t always comfortable. This is for those that need strength built behind mobility, creating better controlled ranges of motions. We guarantee that you will feel worked out, stronger and feeling better than before. All are invited to participate, as this type of class is for all levels.


  • Mondays 8:30 am 
  • Tuesdays 6:30 pm 
  • Wednesdays 12:30 pm

Full Body Fit

You have enough time for physical training once to twice a week? Welcome to your group fitness dream class! This is strength training class that includes weight training and bodyweight exercises. The best thing here is that you will have different exercises every week. Do you want to feel fulfilled and strong, ready for anything? This program will help you. Each session’s exercises are scalable for all skill levels. Check these classes out!


  • Monday 6:30pm 
  • Wednesday 6:30pm