Upper Back Complaints

The upper back region is not an overlooked region of the body here at ChiroMovement Muscle & Joint Clinic in West Jordan, Utah. We assess full body and understand the need to gain pain relief as part of living well. Pain in this region can encompass issues both at the spine and in the shoulders. 

Upper Back Pain will no longer hold you back. 

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While areas of the body may feel in pain or injured more, like the low back, neck and shoulders, the upper back sees its fair share of pain and complaints. At ChiroMovement in West Jordan, Utah we assess the full body. We have seen that movement restrictions in one area can easily cause pain or dysfunction in another. In listing a few complaints seen in the uppe back we see muscular strains, postural issues causing pain, underactivity causing issues. As this is an area where most who sit for their occupation we see this as the stress holding location. It is true that stress can cause muscles to get tense and/or hold tension. 

Conditions in that area range from neck complaints like cervical tension Headaches, migraines, TMJ or TMD which is temporomandibular disorder/dysfunction, rotator cuff strain, muscular strains, shoulder impingement, disc herniations or disc injury and degenerative joint disorder. Our first line of order is understanding the stressors and strains causing the pain and condition at hand. From there we build a treatment plan with you to provide you with the best care possible. 

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