Explaining what chiropractic medicine involves requires the understanding of what the schooling involves. Chiropractic school is a 4 year degree with a concurrent internship or clinical hours over the last year. The prerequisites for chiropractic school include multiple upper level courses within sciences. Generally most who start chiropractic school already finish a 4 year degree or more. The main focus of the curriculum entails anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, manual therapy skill development. It continues or progresses into more specific areas such as radiology, musculoskeletal/neuromuscular conditions and physical therapy/rehabilitation. A major emphasis is on the diagnosis of musculoskeletal disorders and the treatment thereof. Coursework involves physical therapy modalities as well as the continued improvement upon manual therapies including adjusting joints, soft tissue therapies. 

The scope of practice for chiropractic care is different in each state. These differences are based upon each states Chiropractic Board and Legislation. Within Utah the scope of practice for chiropractors is broad in how a chiropractic physician may treat. One important part of the scope of practice in Utah is that a chiropractic physician can diagnose and treat musculoskeletal conditions. A chiropractor may use radiographic imaging to aid in analysis of the condition, although it is not always necessary. A chiropractor may administer treatment, therapy for musculoskeletal conditions.  The main treatment therapy of choice has always been a joint manipulation. However there are many ways to treat muscle and joint pains or complaints. 

With the scope of practice being fairly broad in Utah, the type of chiropractor at each different office may be different in philosophy and training. Throughout the nation there are approximately 16 private universities/colleges that are chiropractic schools. Each school is mandated to teach a certain curriculum with the goal of uniformity. Each chiropractic student is required to take and pass National Board exams that span the education and application of that knowledge. Passing these tests is required to be able to attain licensure within any state. 

The primary reason(s) that a person has historically visited a chiropractor is for neck or back pain. The scope of practice in Utah allows me as a chiropractor to treat the whole person in regards to musculoskeletal conditions. The main expectation when receiving care from a chiropractor is to get adjusted, which is generally given when required. 

As a chiropractor my goal is to assess a person’s spine, joints in their arms and legs, muscles and how a person moves. The treatment may involve a joint manipulation or mobilization. The differences will be explained in future posts. Other possible options in treatment involve several different soft tissue modalities, including instrument assisted soft tissue manipulation, Active Release Technique, Dry Needling, cupping, and the use of kinesiology tape. Each modality requires it’s own explanation. The application of a modality is based upon the assessment process and matching the proper modality or therapy to you the patient. 

ChiroMovement Muscle & Joint Clinic is central in the  Salt Lake Valley  in  Midvale . The office is inside of Big Mountain Barbell Gym. The goal of care is to not only decrease your musculoskeletal pain, but primarily to improve how you move and function in your daily lives. 

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