There is no single cause of low back pain. The reality is that is comes from many different factors. We see it occur in all occupations and all walks of life. Adding to its complexity, is that there are several areas of the spine or low back that can be considered the target tissue, or target complaint area.


When assessing a patient that comes in with a chief complaint of low back pain we look at many factors. Posture is a great starting point. We feel it necessary to determine if your posture is relevant to your case. A moving posture, in other words your gait, ambulation, or how you walk, tells us much about you as well. Your occupation, your daily activities are next considered. We filter through relevant body and medical history (your history of injury, sports or other activities). After this discussion, orthopedic tests and other functional tests are important at understanding what stressors either aggravate or ease your low back pain.


With an understanding of the low back, the mechanics of it and what stressors activate or irritate you, a treatment plan is built. In our office we use a three part plan – get you out of pain, local rehab and then strength training for prevention. All designed to get you back to moving well, able to add strength and be resistance to the stressors that caused you pain.


There is no one set approach to the treatment of low back pain. Many treatment plans require little manual intervention, but more education of how to stabilize your back, and how to strengthen your pain free movements. McKenzie rolls, available in our office, are big helpers here.


Mild or moderate low back pain is a hinderance for many. But if left alone, it may cause lasting pain that becomes chronic and much more difficult to treat and manage. Seeking the right care with a proper assessment and having a plan in place is what can keep yourself feeling healthy, strong, and empowered to live the life you want.


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