It is important for you as the patient to understand what a chiropractor is licensed to do. What a chiropractor in Utah is allowed to do and not allowed to do. Because it is public information a chiropractor may not divulge always what is and is not included under their scope of practice. 

So if it interests you I have the scope of practice for chiropractic physicians in Utah here for you.

All of the following information can be found of under the chiropractic scope of practice section. 

Here is what a chiropractor can do. 

  • Licensed to examine, diagnose and treat joint restrictions. 
  • A chiropractor is licensed to perform joint adjustments. Meaning he/she is able to use high velocity low amplitude force, light force adjustment, tool assisted manipulation. 
  • Use physical agents such as or including light, heat, cold, water, air, sound, compression, electricity, and electromagnetic radiation. 
  • Is licensed to administer physical activities and devices, including: (A) exercise with and without devices; (B) joint mobilization; (C) mechanical stimulation; (D) postural drainage; (E) traction; (F) positioning; (G) wound debridement, cleansing, and dressing changes; (H) splinting; (I) training in locomotion and other functional activities with and without assistance devices; and (J) correction of posture, body mechanics, and gait; 
  • administer the following topically applied medicinal agents, including steroids, anesthetics, coolants, and analgesics for wound care and for musculoskeletal treatment, including their use by iontophoresis or phonophoresis;
  • treat pain incident to major or minor surgery, cancer, obstetrics, or x-ray therapy
  • utilize immobilizing appliances, cases, and supports for support purposes, but may not set displaced bone fractures
  • inform the patient of possible side effects of medication and recommend referral to the prescribing practitioner
  • provide instruction in the use of physical measures, activities, and devices for preventive and therapeutic purposes
  • provide consulting, educational, and other advisory services for the purposes of reducing the incidence and severity of physical disability, movement dysfunctions, bodily malfunction, and pain;
  • treat a human being to assess, prevent, correct, alleviate, and limit physical disability, movement dysfunction, bodily malfunction, and pain resulting from disorders, congenital and aging conditions, injury, and disease
  • administer, interpret, and evaluate tests


What a chiropractor may not do:

  • perform incisive surgery
  •  administer drugs or medicines for which an authorized prescription is required by law except as provided in Subsection (2)(d); 
  • treat cancer
  •  practice obstetrics
  • prescribe or administer x-ray therapy
  • set displaced fractures. 


All of this information is accessible to the public. See following link for more information.


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