Leg Compression Sleeves
built by: Air-Relax

What the Research Says!

Dr. Steven Bird

Recovery, while sounding like a fad, is very important. We view the health of an athlete as very important. The ability for the athlete to feel their best after a hard workout is what brings them back to the gym ready for another round. Here is some of the research around the use of the pneumatic compression sleeves.

External Pneumatic Compression is just what the Air-Relax leg sleeves are. They are a worn leg sleeve that has separate compartments that fill with air around the leg in different regions. They are attached to a small machine that acts as the compressor and computer unit that can be programmed to focus the compression on one or more area at a time.

Here is what the research of the use of these units says: The use of the external pneumatic compression sleeves shows a decrease in blood lactate. The discussion of the use of these sleeves reports that it is a much better choice of recovery post training than passive recovery. This research from the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research Oct, 2015 did report that the use of the Pneumatic Sleeves is better at decreasing blood lactate levels that the use of massage.

The Air-Relax Leg Sleeve units are great at providing a quick local effect of compression to the area being covered by the sleeves. The unit is set to go through a general cycle when on auto. The timeframe is approx. 15 minutes. While the time under compression is short the effects from them is better when compared to a mild compression sleeve that can be worn more long term.

Research from Sands et al. published in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research looked at using the dynamic compression sleeves to enhance pressure to pain threshold, abbreviated at PPT. PPT is a scaled subjective information about the perception of pain from a certain amount of pressure. The research subjects were all highly trained athletes in Olympic Lifting. The findings of the research showed promising means of accelerating and enhancing recovery after the athletes normal aggressive training. They postulated that as the pressure to pain threshold decreases so do the athletes ability to recover. They used the pneumatic compression sleeves as the main implement change in their routine to see those changes.

Your physical training recovery is important to us. Improving your recovery from a heavy training session is imperative to get you ready for another one. ChiroMovement Muscle & Joint Clinic is please to provide this service to athletes of all kinds. Powerlifters, Crossfitters, running and cycling athletes and all others. Air Relax Leg Compression Sleeves are here inside ChiroMovement Muscle & Joint Clinic to help you recover faster. These leg sleeves are what’s called a sequential pneumatic compression therapy. The goal of using them is to decrease delayed muscle onset soreness. Come in to ChiroMovement Muscle & Joint Clinic for a consult, call 801-251-6658, or schedule an appointment today. Dr. Bird is a sports based chiropractor inside of Big Mountain Barbell Gym in Midvale Utah. We focus on better movement for a better lifestyle. Dr. Bird is a full body certified Active Release Technique provider.

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